Our Sponsors

Become a Sponsor or Donor of CHERRY's 21st Anniversary Weekend

Each year, companies play a role in our fundraising efforts by sponsoring our annual fundraiser.  While we are making a difference in the lives of those affected by HIV/AIDS in our community, our work is far from over. It is through the generosity of our sponsors that The Cherry Fund is able to support organizations who improve the quality of life and extend the longevity of those affected by HIV/AIDS.  

Email us at info@cherryfund.org or fill out our contact sheet for more information how you can become a sponsor. Want to make a donation?  Donors can make a donation on eventbrite...by clicking here....As always, we would like to thank our Donors and Sponsors for their continued support!

Cherry is an annual charity dance music event, which has raised more than $1 MILLION for Washington, DC HIV/AIDS services and prevention. Your continued support of Cherry contributes to the efforts of passionate health and social advocates at the forefront of the GLBT community. Copyright 2015, The Cherry Fund. Non-profit tax ID 52-2139599.